Essential Questions For English Language Arts

    Questions That Guide Our Instruction

    ·        What do good readers do?

    ·        What do good readers do to understand?

    ·        What habits and routines do lifelong readersdevelop?

    ·        Whatdo good listeners do?

    ·        Whatdo good listeners do to understand?

    ·        How doI choose a just right book?

    ·        Whatdo I think and feel about what I read? Why do I think and feel this way?

    ·        What are my strategies for reading this text?  How do I know if they’re working?

    ·        What kind of text is this?  What structures can I expect to see? How doesthat affect the way I read?

    ·        What is the author trying to tell me? How do Isupport my thinking?

    ·        How do I know if I understand what I’mreading?  What do I do with thatinformation?

    ·        What makes me motivated to read?

    ·        How does the author make the text come alive?