Preschool News and Updates

  • We have had an excitiing start to our school year, and your students have acclimated well to the new classroom and new routine.  I look forward to meeting with you all soon at parent-teacher conferences to discuss your child's progress.  Sign up information will be forthcoming.  Be sure to check out our kindness wreath when you visit.  It will be temporarily moved inside the classroom so that we can display our preschool-wide bulletin board theme that will tell the story of Sheep in a Jeep!  The children sure loved our various Sheep in a Jeep activities in class.  I bet they may be able to tell you the whole story!

    This week, we have been learning about food allergies.  Through stories and discussions, we have learned that some students in our classroom have food allergies (anonymously) and that a person can be allergic to anything.  We discussed the importance of washing our hands and not sharing snacks, because we don't want to accidentally expose a classmate to a potential allergen.  We have also discussed how food allergies can impact children on Halloween.  We discussed The Teal Pumpkin Project and ways that all children can enjoy Halloween safely.  For more information about this intitiative, follow this link:

    This Thursday, we will be celebrating our own "Tealoween" where children will be participating in fun-filled activities that do not involve food for Halloween.  They will also be able to trick-or-treat from my teal pumpkin, full of non-food items.  As a reminder, it is a Jackson School policy that children do not wear costumes to school on Halloween.  They are invited to wear their Halloween colors to celebrate the day.  Also, please refrain from sending candy to school with your children, as it goes against the district's wellness policy.

    Following Halloween, we will begin discussions of nutrition, as well as what it means to be thankful.