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    The purpose of this page is to inform you of writing skills that are being taught in 2D. The following information and links offer ideas about how to support writing at home.
    The students in the Jackson School learn the art of writing through the Empowering Writers program. The program targets grades K through 3, and each teacher works to make the program their own by integrating subjects across the curriculum. Empowering writers encourages each student to learn the skills of an author by connecting to great literature, participating in teacher-modeled writing, and engaging in guided practice. Students will independently apply skills and create their own pieces of work. These pieces include Narrative writing, Expository writing, and Persuasive/Argumentative writing. 
    When it comes to writing, parents often ask, “How can I help my child write more effectively?” You may wonder how much help is too much, or how to offer help without taking on the assignment yourself. Writing takes practice and time for children to feel comfortable and confident. Even those students who have a natural ability or love of writing must learn and practice the skills of the craft.