Math Information for Parents

  • What is Number Sense?


    Number sense requires the students to see number patterns and relationships when working with number. Kindergarten students spend the majority of their year working with numbers 0-20 to build a solid foundation for understanding the patterns in our base-ten system. Students should be able to verbalize what they are doing and explain their thinking.


    Kindergarten students will be expected to:  


    •       Count objects accurately one at a time and tell how many altogether after they have counted.
    •       Count on one more, two more, etc.
    •       Compare two or three sets of objects to develop an understanding of number relationships.
    •       Use Mathematical terms such as more than, less than , same, different, larger, smaller, etc.
    •       Develop spatial relationships by identifying the number of dots in a ten frame through 20.
    •       Count by ones, fives and tens.
    •       Explore with decomposing numbers by using whole-part-part and part-part-whole. E.g.  5=2+3, 2+3=5.
    •       Demonstrate a variety of ways to represent a number 3-20.  E.g. “5”  (five dots, five frame, numeral 5, tally marks, objects, ordinal number five, etc.