What is it?
    RTI is a process of providing educational support and instruction to all learners. RTI is run school-wide at the Jackson School and allows teachers, tutors, and other staff to target students at their current learning level.

    I like to explain what RTI is using a Bandaid analogy. I begin by explaining that fair doesn’t mean that everyone gets the same thing, fair means that everyone gets what they need. I gather the kids on the carpet and give each one a certain ailment. Some include: sore throat, headache, bumped knee, and bee sting.

    Then I have them come up a few at a time, making sure the rest can hear and see the action. When each student approaches I ask them where they were hurt. No matter what they would say to me, I put a bandaid on the back of their hand. After all my theatrical actions and a few giggles, I ask the kids if the bandaid made anyone feel better or if I put it on the right spot. Then I ask them if a bandaid would even help if you had a sprained ankle or headache.

    We begin a discussion of differentiation. We discuss that not everyone in our class has the same needs, so not everyone will get to do the same things all the time. We talk about that at some time in the year, everyone will need a bandaid for something.

    Our Motto:

    Everyone gets what he or she needs!
    RTI happens 5 out of the 6 day cycle for 30 minutes a day. During those 30 minutes, students may be working in small teacher-led or student-centered groups. They focus on skills at their level and show immense growth!