• What is RTI?

    Posted by Elizabeth Barry on 12/16/2015 7:00:00 AM

    Response to intervention (RTI) is a process used by teachers to help students who are challenged by a targeted skill or lesson; every teacher will use interventions (a set of teaching procedures) with any student to help them succeed in the classroom. If a student is struggling, his or her teacher will use test scores and other measures of progress to choose a researched and proven intervention suited to help the student learn. If a child does not respond to the initial interventions, more focused interventions are used to help the child master the targetted skill.

    After a student has received an intervention (typically 4-8 weeks depending on the skill), his or her progress is tested again. If the child hasn’t improved, the teacher and other educators (the RTI team) will meet this team will select more intense interventions and continue to monitor and track progress.

    How is RTI different from Special Education?

    RTI is used for all students, not just for those in special education programs. Also, any student can receive interventions found in all three tiers of the RTI framework without being in a special education program. While there is a bit of overlap, there is a difference between RTI and special education. The 3-teired system allows students to get the instruction they need as they need it, without being identified through Special Education.

    In the Jackson School, a grade level chooses a topic they notice is challenging for many students. Students are then given a pre-assessment to demonstrate current skill areas. The RTI team (grade level teachers, special education teachers, tutors, reading specialist, coaches, principal) review the data and target students not meeting benchmark skills with small group instruction. On a weekly basis, activities and data is reviewed to monitor progress. When the team decides that most of the students have made sufficient progress, a post-assessment is given and data is once again reviewed by the RTI team.

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