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  • 8 ideas for preventing the summer slide.  Free downloadable handout. Great for parent/teacher conferences!About two years ago, I created some resources to send home with parents on how to help their children succeed in school.  You can find the old post here. I wanted to update these so I could send them home at the beginning of the year. I will also be sending these home with parents....Read More »: This parent hand out is perfect to give to parents at the beginning of the year. After all, you and the parent are a team for each child! Grab this FREE for your parents!:

    Reading At Home - Tips For Parents This is perfect for sending home with our students at Open house!:

    Hi!  My name is Amy from 180 Days of Reading.   I am a Reading Specialist, former Kindergarten Teacher, with a First Grader at home. Some days I feel like I eat, sleep, and breath spelling patterns.  I hit a wall at home with my First Grader and spelling homework this year. I was tired of the write your words three times each homework every:

    In the classroom with ............... Mrs. Soumokil: Parents, here are a few ways to help your child excel in spelling....:

    Sight Words:

    Writing Activities for the Beginning of the Year - A Year of Many Firsts:


    Ways to practice math in the real world



    Math Reference Sheet