• Below are some great links for all students/parents to check out that may help you/your child. Links to fun and helpful resources for individual instrument links can be found on the left side of this menu.
    The Music Box - Everything you need from instrument rentals to supplies.
    Free Printable Blank Sheet Music - If you want to write your own piece, print out some staff paper paper to use.
    Counting Website - Is there a rhythm in your band music or homework that you just do not understand? Type the rhythm in here to hear how it sounds. Problem solved!
    (This resource was contributed by Mr. Keough at KP Middle School.) 
    Bass Clef Quiz - To help our low brass kiddos learn how to read bass clef!
    Treble Clef Quiz - Having trouble reading some of the notes on the staff? Use this game to help you get better and faster at reading the notes in your music.
    (This resource was contributed by Mr. Keough at KP Middle School.) 
    Music Quizzes Galore - Want to play some games and learn more about rhythm or notes or composers or instrument families? This website is for you!
    Free Online Metronome - Don't have a free metronome app on a smartphone or tablet? No problem! You can use this website to practice with a metronome.
    Free Online Music - Is there a piece of music you really want to learn to play? Make a free account with Noteflight and search for your favorite piece on your instrument.
    Free Music Lessons From Home - Want some more band lessons? Watch some of Mr. Glynn's "how-to" videos for every instrument and get better every day!