• Name: Mrs. Wescott
    Position: K-3 Reading Specialist                                                                       
    School: Anna Ware Jackson School
    Phone: (508) 699-1300 #412
    Welcome to Reading Support with Mrs. Wescott!
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     A Little Bit About Me:
    Over the years, I have had the opportunity to wear many hats in this district. I started as a fourth, fifth, and sixth-grade ELA teacher for five years. After that, I became the Literacy Coach/Specialist for the district. I worked with teachers as they transitioned to the new Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. I provided a great deal of professional development in the area of literacy, co-taught with teachers, and conducted model lessons upon request. In addition, I have served on the ELA Curriculum team for 6 years. Five years ago, I started my journey as Jackson School's reading specialist. After completing my master's degree in Reading, I always knew that this is the position I always wanted, and here I am! Recently, I obtained my Wilson Reading certification, which was a very arduous but incredibly rewarding process. 
    Please feel free to contact me at any point if you have any questions or concerns! Thanks for checking out my website! 
    Reading Support at a Glance 
     Tiered Approach
               In Plainville, we use a tiered approach to ensure that we are meeting our vast array of student needs. Reading support typically falls in the Tier 2 range. This means that students are not identified as having special needs, but struggle in the regular education classroom. After assessing all students (done formally 3x per year for screening purposes), I work with teachers and the principal to determine which students need reading intervention. The students who demonstrate the greatest need, and are not already seeing a special education or English as a second language teacher, work with me in a pull-out setting. Those students who are at risk, but may not need intensive support, receive additional support in their classrooms working with one of our fabulous tutors. We maintain a flexible approach, when students make gains they re-enter a tier with less support. On the other side, sometimes students show that they are struggling in the middle of the year. We are constantly using data to inform our placement and levels of support.
    Assessments Used to Determine Eligibility 
     Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System (K-3)
    F&P Letter Sound/ID, Initial Sound Phoneme Segmentation (K/1)
    Fundations Unit Assessments (1-3)
    Teacher observations & teacher created assessments (K-3)
    Teacher & parent recommendations are also vital to this process. 
    Organization of a Typical Reading Support Lesson (Tier 2)
    Fluency Warm-up: This could include rereading familiar texts, reader's theater, word list or phrase reading, etc. The goal is for students to focus on accuracy, rate, and expression.
    Word Work: During this time, students participate in a variety of activities to enhance their decoding skills (phonics). I provide an "extra dose" of Wilson Fundations which is the program used in the regular classroom. Students are able to slow down and work on mastery. Activities include playing games, marking words, spelling words using a variety of materials (white boards, play dough, kinetic sand, etc.) 
    Guided Reading and/or Decodable Text Reading - Depending on students' needs, I either use texts from Fountas and Pinnell's Leveled Literacy Intervention OR I use text that is considered "controlled text." This means the words fit mostly within certain phonics patterns.
    Writing about Text: Reading and writing go hand in hand. Students reflect about text through discussion and writing. I provide brief, but targeted, lessons on writing to help students make this important connection.  
    Take-Home Texts: Whenever possible, I try to send home copies of texts we've read in class. 
    *Topics, texts, and  activities vary grade to grade 

     Wilson Reading System (Tier 3)

    Some students benefit from a different type of reading intervention. The Wilson Reading System is an explicit multisensory phonics-based intervention that focuses on achieving mastery of a prescribed set of skills. Wilson focuses on reading and spelling phonetically regular words as well as reading and spelling "trick words" - there are very different procedures for these two types of words. Wilson also builds reading fluency, and vocabulary. Check out the link below for more information! 

     Wilson Reading System Information