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    Origo Math_Stepping Stones:

    Our district has adopted Stepping Stones, by Origo, for our core math instruction. Stepping Stones has been written and developed by a team of experts to provide teachers with access to a world-class elementary math program that addresses both the content and intent of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Their expert team of authors and consultants utilized all available educational research to create a program for elementary teachers to implement the CCSS for Mathematics. We use the online Stepping Stones program as well as journal pages, Big Books, and other math manipulatives and tools. The Second Grade level of the program is comprised of 12 modules and each module addresses two or three big ideas from the Common Core State Standards. To meet the needs of all students: Extra Help, Extra Practice, Problem Solving, and Challenge activities are embedded into lesson modules. Stepping Stones provides students with regular and meaningful practice. These practice activities foster fluency and strategy usage.

    Please click on Grade 2 Concepts, for an outline of the concepts and topics outlined in each Module.


    Guided Math

    Guided Math:

    In conjunction with Origo Stepping Stones, students participate in Guided Math Centers to apply new knowledge and practice previously learned skills. Guided Math centers allow students to work with current concepts with peers and teachers to make sense of new learning.Students are grouped flexibly and cycle through the following centers each week:

    • Technology: Students work on computers to review current and past skills on our IXL program
    • Math Writing: Students engage in some sort of problem solving activity, investigation, or journal work addressing current standards and concepts being covered in Origo lessons. 
    • Learning Games: Students play a variety of math games aligned to current standards and concepts being covered in Origo lessons. 
    • Teacher Math: Students work with the teacher to grasp new concepts, problem solve, explain their thinking, and justify their reasoning. Teacher math is a time when we can dig deeper!