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       Independent Reading: Each student has been given a  ZPD reading range and point goal for the 1st quarter. Our classroom library has hundreds of books that are leveled. Students should choose a book within their ZPD for their independent reading. We are fortunate to have an SSR (sustained silent reading) period within our school day.  Students will also have a nightly assignment to read for 20 minutes. They can take home the SSR book that they are reading at school or choose something at home. It is best if they read a book within their "range". You can find the level of any book on "AR Book Finder". A link is on our "Favorite Links" page.

     In class, we are reading the book Frindle by Andrew Clements.  We are using it to review active reader strategies such a visualization, inferencing and text connections to name a few.
    Spelling:The Wood School uses the Sitton Spelling Program. This program has a focuses on spelling patterns, word origins, spelling rules and usage to learn words that are used in your child's everyday writing. There is no weekly list to study. We will work through a series of lessons in class. Students will take an assessment. Any words that are missed will be put in their agenda for home study.
     There is a dictation section as well as a skills section that is based on lessons that we've done in class. Words that were missed were put into each student's agenda. These words should be studies independently as they will show up in future tests.
    Spelling Concepts:
      Social Studies (4m):

     This year we wil be exploring the 5 regions of the country- the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest and West. We begin with the Northeast. Our focus will be on the changes brought to this area of the country with the Industrial Revolution. Our field trip to Lowell, on October 7, will be a culminating activity.