• Welcome to Grade 5-Week 4 Music Activities

    Hi Everyone! Besides playing, singing, and teaching music, another interest I have is experimenting with sound and the science part of music.  I think it's fun to blow across the top of a bottle to make a sound and then add water to change the pitch.  I have also tried getting a few drinking glasses and filling them to different levels with water and tapping on them with a spoon to create different pitches and then make up a song or play one I know.  Rubber bands of different thicknesses stretched across a box, bowl or other open item can make really cool musical sounds too.  I wonder if you have ever tried any of these "experiments" and what your results were.  

    1.  Please watch this episode of Bill Nye The Science Guy to learn all about "The Science of Music." The Science Of Music

    2.  After watching, please fill out the "Exit Ticket" with follow up questions and submit it to me. Exit Ticket-Grade 5- Week 4

    Enjoy your musical science this week!

    ~Mrs. Olynciw