• These performances are chance for every child to experience being on the stage in front of an audience.  In many cases it boosts their self-esteem and self confidence.  They enjoy performing the mini-musicals and we hope you enjoy them as well!  We are very lucky to have the support of our Principal, Mrs. Campbell, as well as our Superintendent, Mr. Raiche, to be able to offer so many musical opportunities for the Plainville children to perform for an audience on our school stage. 
    Mini-Musical plays are usually around 20 minutes which will include songs for the entire class to sing.
    There are 3 school wide sing-alongs where the entire school get to participate, Our Veterans Day Assembly, Winter Assembly and Memorial Day Assembly. 
    Every year I either find or create mini-musicals that will accommodate the size of the class to perform. Many times the plays that have more parts will go to the class that is a little bigger.   
    All children will have at least one special part whether it is a speaking line, playing an instrument or participating in a movement/dance song.   I try to have all children wear a small costume or some sort of accessory.  And as the say goes...."There is no such thing as a small part."  And in some cases there are children that would prefer, volunteer and ultimately are very happy to have parts that have less words.   
    Every child will be seen, to the best of the stages capacity, pretty much all the time throughout the play, depending on the show.  When you see your child on the stage, feel free to move around the cafeteria to find a spot that will best accommodate pictures taken. 
    There are usually spoken parts however, when there are not enough parts due to the size of the class, there are sometimes small instrument parts or moving/dancing parts.   However, on occasion, if a child chooses not to have a speaking part but would just prefer to be on the stage singing the songs that is fine. Although it is encouraged, I do not force children to have speaking parts if they choose not to.  This is to be a fun, successful and rewarding experience that the children as well as the parents can enjoy.  We prepare very hard for these performances so all the children can have a successful experience with their parts regardless of what it may be.  
    Children cannot request parts as that would not be fair to the rest of the children.  Parts are chosen randomly depending on where they sit.  Sometimes extra parts are also given on a volunteer basis, so, children sometimes will have more than one part due to the class size.   I make sure that each part given out to each child will prove to be a positive experience.    I have never had a child upset or express sadness because of the part they were given as they are all usually very excited to even have a play to perform for the school and their parents.
    Please keep in mind that I see your child for 40 minutes once every 6 days so we work very hard to get that play ready in limited time and have to start right away.  We are very fortunate to be able to put on performances with all the children every single year as other school districts are not able to give their students any opportunities to perform on the stage at all.  
    The children seem to really have fun preparing for that once a year play and it is a memory that I hope they will keep with them always as well as the parents...so be sure to bring your cameras to the shows!   Feel free to invite as many relatives and friends as you want to these shows - the kids LOVE a big audience :) 
    Anyone is invited to come, however, students are not allowed to be pulled out of their classes to attend their siblings play as it disturbs their classroom and the lessons that the classroom teacher has prepared for that time.  Thank you for your understanding in this matter.  
    If there is a school cancellation or delay the show will be postponed to a later date.  Future shows may also be affected when there is an unexpected day out of school due to the fact that the day rotation will be different.  
    I try to at least give 2 weeks notice for a play date but sometimes that is not always possible.   Thank you for your understanding in this matter.