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    Dear Parents and Guardians,


    • Warm sweatshirts or jackets – recess has been getting chilly.

    • The classroom library has grown!  We have lots of new books for students to take home and read. (The picture above is the students all excited about the books!)

    The students are currently working on:

    MATH:  Multiplication:

    Math instruction consists of whole group lessons and in small groups.  There are 5 math centers the students rotate through every couple of days.  They include Working with Teacher; Math Fluency –on computer, flash cards or games; Math Technology – IXL on the computer working of skills currently being taught; Word Problems – problems are glued in math journal and students are to solve them referring to a math graphic organizer to be sure all work  ; Math Journal – is currently math games to reinforce multiplication strategies.

    • Equal Groups or Rows.  __?__groups (or rows) of __?___  in each group. This is how the students are able to distinguish the first factor, HOW MANY GROUPS or ROWS; from the second factor, HOW MANY IN EACH GROUP OR ROW in a multiplication sentence. 3x4=12 – three groups (or rows) with four items in each group (or row).

    • The equal sign represents “Is the same amount as” - NOT just an answer to a math equation.  Ex. 3X4=4X3; 12=3X4

    • Picture -4 rows of three

    • Array – Arrangement of objects in rows with the same amount of objects in each row. 3x4=12 is three rows with 4 in each row.















    • Turn around facts (fact families) – 3x4=12; 4x3=12

    Facts introduced are 10’s, 5’s, 2’,s.  Next will be the 4’s.  Students have taken home flashcards for the above facts.  Please let me know if additional copies are needed.

    Math problems - Addition, Subtraction and starting multiplication word problems.  Students are working towards solving word problems using two strategies.


    ELAReading – Symphony of Whales unit consists of comparing and contrasting two texts on the same topic using a Venn diagram.  Symphony of Whales and Humphrey the Lost Whale are both realistic fiction texts.  Students also completed an assignment on the story elements of each story.  An informative piece was written about the author, Steve Schuch, the author of Symphony of Whales.

    Whose Story is it? is a unit that includes identifying voice, character traits and writing from different points of view.  The first text is Voices in the Park by Anthony Brown.  The students enjoyed the read aloud, here is the link. http://research.kingston.ac.uk/booksalive/flash/book.html

    Next, we will delve into informational texts that include the Pilgrims journey to America and their relationship with the Native Americans.   The students will compare and contrast life between the Wampanoag’s and the Pilgrim’s. The essential question we will keep in mind is “What was life like in the 1600’s in the place we now call Massachusetts?

    In addition, students rotate through five ELA centers every couple of days.  These include Working with Teacher on leveled texts both fiction and non-fiction; Reading independently on AR books at their level and completing quizzes to show comprehension; Word Work consisting of spelling, grammar and parts of speech; Reading with a partner or group of students on Scholastic News Articles, Reader’s Theatre scripts and other pieces of literature.   Writing is the final center.  Students respond to various writing prompts or work on writing pieces that were started in Empowering Writers.

    Fundations – Spelling program.  SPELLING TEST EVERY TWO WEEKS.  (Occasionally 3 weeks if there are many concepts and rules)

    We are currently on Unit 3.  The spelling test will be on Friday, November 7th

    Empowering Writers

    During the writing block there is a focus on teacher modeling for students on how to include pertinent information using the Narrative, Informative and Opinion Pillar.  I’ve attached a copy of each)

    Students are working on an informative piece on whales.  The students had to find three details that support the main idea of The First Whales, Where Whales Live, and Whale Sounds. 

    The first opinion piece will be choosing a favorite bicycle and including supporting details why it is their favorite.

    Social Studies and Science

    During the socials studies block we will be working on the Pilgrim and Native American unit.  In science the students have been learning about simple physics.  Force- a push or a pull; the three invisible forces: gravity, magnetism and wind.  Newton’s three laws of physics will be discussed next.

    I will keep future updates shorter!  Feel free to contact me with any concerns.


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