• Technology at Plainville School District

    At Plainville, we believe in leveling the playing field for all our students. We are proud to make the first step by providing a laptop to every student from 1-6. It is our hope that this will help all our students gain 21st century skills and increase student achievement. Our goal is to integrate Technology into the curriculum instead of teaching it in isolation. Take a look at the exciting technologies already in progress!

  • Collaboration & Interaction
    With student engagement as a priority, we have installed a Smart Interactive Panel in most of our classrooms. Math, Science, Social studies and other subjects come to life with these  panels, allowing students and teachers to interact and collaborate. 

  • Creativity in the classroom
    Students are encouraged to realize their creative potential by using a pen and tablet. These creations are then transferred to a device connected to the tablet.

  • A Commitment to our students
    We teach our students about student privacy, internet safety, plagiarism and more. We plan to make sure they retain this important piece of information by constant reminders through presentation, quizzes and projects.


  • Logical Thinking
    We strive to  expose our students to logical thinking and programming through enrichment programs and classes. In December, our students take part in the 'Hour of Code', a global movement.


  • Business Skills
    Students sharpen their communication, presentation and data analysis skills using Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Teachers use  'Skype'  to bring rich 'outside the classroom experiences' right into the classroom.

Ms Office
  • Spatial Intelligence
    Using 3D printing solutions, our students learn STEAM concepts from a totally different angle.  Students learn to create web based 3D models and  convert it into an actual 3D model using 3D printers.

    3D objects

  • Going Green!
    With Green screen technology our students are able to create digital creations and superimpose them onto virtual backgrounds.