David Raiche

    March 2017  

    Dear Parents and Community Members: 

    I recently attended a presentation given by Bill Daggett, Chairman of the International Center for Leadership in Education. Dr. Daggett’s address targeted the challenges of preparing students for success in a rapidly changing world. He shared current information about the nation’s most rapidly improving schools, the impact of technology on future workplaces, the projected change from lower-middle and upper-middle skilled jobs towards more high skill and low skill jobs, the increasing impact of automation, and the current match between, or should I say, mismatch between the most popular college majors and the most difficult jobs to fill.
    Dr. Daggett also spoke about the changes he has found in rapidly improving schools, several changes which can be found in Jackson School and Wood School classrooms. Where once we focused on knowledge and application separately in each discipline, our teachers now design lessons and units which require application across disciplines and application to real-world predictable situations. And in some cases, we have taken the next step which requires application to real-world unpredictable situations. Acquiring these skills requires strong foundational learning, high level learner engagement and solid personal skill development. Responsibility, initiative, perseverance, respect, compassion, adaptability and trustworthiness are no longer “nice-to-have” but are necessary for success in school, careers and life.
    As another school year moves quickly by and as I look back over ten (10) years of my involvement in this outstanding school district, I am most thankful for the support you have given to the school district, and I remain committed to joining you, the school committee, the administration, the faculty and staff and most especially, the students, in preparing all for continued success.
    David P. Raiche
    Superintendent of Schools