• September 23, 2020

    To All Parents/Guardians:

    It was wonderful to welcome the grade 1-6 Cohort A and C students back on Thursday, September 17, 2020 and the Cohort B and C students back on Friday, September 18, 2020.  Arrival, dismissal, recess and lunch procedures are all new, but everything seemed to work well.  This week the ‘real test’ happens because we add in our preschool and kindergarten students.  Thank you to the administrative team, staff, parents, and bus drivers for their extra effort in ensuring all students had a pleasant first few days.

    This year did seem to bring in a few more last minute registrations than normal, however, both school offices handled the new registrations quickly.  With most special education students attending four (4) days per week, special education staff were also quite busy scheduling the best days and times to deliver specialized services.

    Achieving full staffing levels remains a challenge, as we are still searching for a one (1) year preschool teacher, a one (1) year grade 6 remote learning teacher, a reading specialist, a part or full time psychologist and a part or full time student adjustment counseling/guidance counselor.

    Probably the most challenging of all was our need to provide laptops/tablets to over 550 students.  We thank our parents for their patience and remind them of the need to sign off on all technology-related policies.  We ask that parents understand that we do not have the staff to support the use of ‘home devices’ in school and also to ‘submit a ticket’ whenever a loaner device exhibits problems of any sort.  Stephanie Whitaker, Technology Systems Administrator, will remind parents of the process for requesting technology help and will also share helpful information on our two (2) new learning platforms-Seesaw and Google Classroom.

    Finally, I am pleased to report that having ten (10) days at the beginning of the school year to prepare for the safe arrival of staff and students provided us with the necessary time to get many things worked out.  Our opening was not perfect by any means, but all in all I found it quite successful.

    Thank you to all involved and best wishes for a successful school year.


    David P. Raiche, Superintendent of Schools