• Updated Covid-19 Guidelines 2022-2023

    On August 11th, 2022, the CDC updated its guidelines for quarantine and isolation for Covid-19. The Massachusetts Department of Education and the Department of Public Health also released updated guidance for schools earlier today. Updated guidance is available using mass.gov


    At this time, masking will remain a personal choice for students and staff members. Any individual who wishes to continue to mask, including those who face higher risk from COVID-19, will be supported in that choice. Federal regulations require that masks continue to be worn in school health offices.

    Isolation, Exposure Precautions, and Quarantine

    Individuals who are exposed to Covid-19 and remain asymptomatic are no longer required to quarantine and may continue to attend school. It is recommended that these individuals mask for 10 days and test for Covid-19 on day 6.

    Individuals who test positive for Covid-19 must be isolated for five days and may return to school on day 6 if they have been fever free (without the use of fever-reducing medicine) for 24 hours and symptoms are improving. These individuals should mask for an additional five days (e.g. through their “day 10”) while at school.

    Covid-19 Testing 

    The state of Massachusetts has ended the Covid-19 school testing program. However, with Covid tests still on hand, the Plainville Public Schools will still provide Covid-19 testing on an as-needed basis, and for as long as our testing supply holds out. Our nurses will determine under what circumstances tests will be administered (this would be mainly used with symptomatic students), and families will be made aware of any testing that occurs. In order to allow the school to administer the rapid Covid-19 tests in school parent/guardian permission will be required. If you would like to grant the schools permission to test for Covid-19 as needed, please use this link to provide permission.

    If a child tests positive, parents/guardians will be contacted to bring their child home. If a child tests positive before coming to school, parents/guardians should keep their child home and contact the school nurse. In either case, our school nurses will provide support with quarantine and isolation guidance and will help determine when the child is able to return to school. 

    If a child is negative, they may return to school once they have been fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medications and if symptoms are mild or have improved.