• Welcome To Art!

    Name:            June Miller
    Position:        Art Teacher
    School:          A.W. Jackson Elementary
    Phone:           508-699-1304 Ext. 405


    I hear and I forget,

    I see and I remember,

    I do and I understand.


    We learn in multiple ways. Research tells us that the number of visual learners in a typical classroom is usually well above fifty percent. In art class, we will be exploring the language of art (elements and principles) while integrating subject matter from the Massachusetts Frameworks.

    We accomplish a lot in approximately 30 classes during the year. Our projects are completed over 4-5 classes and enrich on many levels. Reinforcing science, social studies, and math content using a "hands-on" approach have been shown to greatly improve comprehension. This integrative program may not be the art class parents remember. 

     2000-2021 Art ClassesWelcome!


    In this year of challenges, teaching art will be one of many. I will be teaching grades K-6 on the day your child is at home utilizing Zoom online conference software. This is not by class but by grade level. Your classroom teacher should advise what day to attend. I will also provide resources and directions on both Seesaw and Google Classroom. These resources are not to be mistaken as homework but we will refer to this information while presenting lessons in our Zoom meeting. It will be a challenge to create without art materials from the art room or the ability to monitor your progress, but I will make sure that your time is productive and I will offer many learning opportunities!