• PeaceBuilders

    The Beatrice H. Wood School is a proud PeaceBuilders school! PeaceBuilders is a nationally recognized program designed to create peaceful, productive and safe school climate for students, parents and staff. The program operates on six principles:

    Praise People
    Give Up Put-Downs
    Seek Wise People
    Notice Hurts
    Right Wrongs
    Help Others

    These principles guide how we do things on our campus; they are the guidelines for how we treat one another. Students and staff at Boulder Oaks are committed to creating peace every day.

    Every morning, the entire school community meets together to say the Pledge of Allegiance and the PeaceBuilders Pledge:

    "I am a PeaceBuilder. I pledge to praise people; to give up put-downs; to seek wise people; to notice and speak up about hurts I have caused; to right wrongs; to help others. I will build peace at home, at school and in my community each day."

    Each month, the staff emphasizes a different character word as we learn to be PeaceBuilders. Students are honored at our monthly Spirit Assemblies for displaying the qualities of the Word of the Month as well as for being PeaceBuilders at school.


    Words of the Month:

    August/September: Honesty

    October: Excellence

    November: Respect

    December: Responsibility

    January: Citizenship

    February: Self-Control

    March: Fairness

    April/May: Compassion

    June: Courage