Wood Frt Bldg


    PLAINVILLE, MA 02762

    "The Bridge from Home to the World"
    PawThe Beatrice H. Wood Elementary School consists Paw
    of Grade 3 to 6.

    Principal: Robin Roberts-Pratt
    Secretary: Paula Cole
    Email: Paula Cole

    Phone: 508-699-1312
    Fax: 508-699-1317

    Welcome to Wood School!

    Welcome to the Beatrice Wood School! The Wood School community prides itself on being a "Bridge from Home to the World." As a Professional Learning Community, our essential focus is on assisting students in achieving outstanding learning through rich and varied educational experiences.

    We invite you to look at our web site. It is a snapshot of some of the activities that happen at the Wood School, where we have a team of excellent professionals working with dedicated students and involved parents. We believe that all children should be challenged to reach their potential and that with support all children can achieve.

    Our core values are respect for oneself, respect for others, respect for learning and respect for the environment. We enjoy working together for the betterment of all.


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