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    Hello Jackson Families!

    My name is Kristen Skeffington, and I am so honored to be the principal here at the Jackson School! I have spent most of my educational career here in Plainville after starting in 2007 as a teacher in preschool, grade one and then as a Student Support Specialist. I have learned so much from the amazing colleagues that I have worked with along the way. I am very fortunate to be back in Plainville after working for a short time in Taunton and Attleboro as an Assistant Principal. The time away gave me opportunities for professional growth and to gain new experiences.  

    Here at Jackson, we value every student and strive to deliver the best educational experience possible by providing high-quality instructional practices and research-based curriculums.  We work hard to build a strong sense of community so that every child and staff member feels like they belong here and that they are an important part of our family.  

    We acknowledge the importance of building partnerships with families so that we can work together to provide each child with the skills they need for success. I strive to make sure the lines of communication are open, and your voice always feels heard.

    I am excited to be alongside you on your child’s educational journey and look forward to an amazing year together.

    Kristen Skeffington


    Anna Ware Jackson School