• 2019-2020

    3rd Grade Student Council

    The student council consists of ANY and ALL members of the 3rd grade class. They are given many opportunities to participate and volunteer on different committees to help out our community and bring school spirit to our school. They meet during their recess times when there is a committee or activity that needs volunteers. They don't mind giving up their recess because it is that much fun! In fact, they look forward to these activities which is why they volunteer for them!  If a child does not want to participate, then they can opt out.

    Opportunities are voluntary in nature however, children will be randomly chosen if there are many children wanting to do the same activity.  But no worries because there is something for everyone! Here are some things they will do this year:

    Morning Announcements

    Lunch Servers

    Learning Lunches

    Senior Center Bingo

    Garden Helpers

    Poster Creation Team

    Appreciation Committee

    Monthly Jackson Newscasts

    Fall and Spring Jackson Jaguar Newspaper

    And these are just a few of the volunteering opportunities that they will have this year!  Please keep in mind that there are some scheduled activities that your child will not be able to make up if they are absent.  

    The 3rd grade student council gives them more responsibilities, and more opportunities for leadership positions within our school. Being part of this student council means being part of something bigger by helping reach out to the community and beyond as well as contributing to the school spirit within the Jackson School. They may only be 8 but they have a lot to offer!

    Check out all the things that they do on the Jackson School Facebook page!  Be sure to follow and like our page to stay up to date with all that the school does!