Plainville School District Calendar

  • The school calendar 2023-2024 [pdf] was approved by the school committee on March 16th and is now available for download. Please take note of the first full day of school for students & activities:

    Tuesday, August 29: Meet and Greet for Grades K-6 - All students and families in grades K-6 are invited to stop by the school, see their class and meet their teacher(s). More information to come!
    Wednesday, August 30: First day of School for Grades 1-6;
    Wednesday, August 30: Meet & Greet for Kindergarten - Students and families are invited to a 1-hour visit to their class followed by a bus ride around town. Families will receive a letter that includes their scheduled visit time.
    Thursday, August 31: First day of School for Kindergarten
    Tuesday, September 5: First day of School for Pre-K

    The last day of school for students (pre-k to grade 6) on the school calendar 2022-2023  [pdf] is as follows:

    Wednesday, June 7: Preschool
    Friday, June 9: Kindergarten
    Thursday, June 15: Grades 1-6