Music 2020
  • Welcome to our New Music Room!

    Hi Everyone, Thanks for coming to visit my teacher page.  I know this seems a little weird to be home and doing all of this exploration and learning without being in our actual classroom at school.  I will let you in on a's a little weird for your teachers too.  We are all busy trying to do our best creative work to keep you learning and keep it interesting and fun. 


    I will be trying to post a variety of activities that you can work on from home during the week that highlight different topics we have worked on in class or that I think would be interesting for you to know more about.  I am tying to include an "Exit Ticket" at the bottom of each group of assignments each week.  This will let me collect a little information from students to help me plan future topics.  I would really like you to fill that out for me each week.  


    I am available anytime if you want to email me   I would love to see pics of what you might be doing at home or even a video clip of something music or non-music related (Yes, even Tiktoks).  As many of you know I also take care of our school Facebook page and love to share what you are up to with our school community.  I am also able to video chat with you and even with some friends if you want.  I have been using ZOOM for this.   Just let me know and I can set up a meeting time for us all.  


    I miss seeing your smiling faces, hearing your stories and jokes, and helping you with problems.  

    Please don't hesitate to reach out.  I would love to hear from you.

    Keep Smiling, Mrs. Olynciw