• Information Technology Department

    Technology Systems Administrator
    Stephanie Whitaker
    Contact: 508-699-1307

    IT Support Contact: 508-699-1350

    Data Specialist/Analyst   
    Philomena Hosdurg
    Network Administrator
    David Kiely
    Mike Young
    IT Technician

    Provide technology skills appropriate to living and learning in the 21st century

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    • Provide training and support for staff and students and the community, encouraging the use of technology.

    • Develop a curriculum for adult and student learners that promotes the use of technology tools to enhance skills and performance as applied to individual and collaborative projects.

    • Provide instructional strategies that assist adult and students learners in the practice of responsible use of software and hardware.

    • Develop skills in the proper selection and utilization of word processing, database, spreadsheet, multimedia and web browser applications for a variety of classroom projects.

    • Develop ability to communicate about technology using appropriate and accurate terminology.

    • Continue to promote ethical and legal behaviors when using technology, ensuring an understanding of the consequences of inappropriate use.

    • Encourage the utilization of assistive technologies to remediate skill deficits.

    • Establish a systemic and yearly commitment to the purchase of technology.