• Bookworm

     Mrs. Lareau's Thoughts

    I was introduced to Symbaloo as an easy way for students to link to relevant websites. I explored the concept and have created Symbaloos for the students. The first two Symbaloos are what I would call "general" use, great places for students to go for safe, reliable information. Also included are the school's SAILS site and of course, Tumble Books. Please use either the Jackson Symbaloo or Wood Symbaloo. Lastly, I have placed BING as the center of the Symbaloo, please use that search box to search for “BING in the Classroom,” the student search engine. I will be continuing to add and change the Symbaloos, as I find more sites that relate to student learning.

     I officially became the school library/media specialist in 1997.  Prior to then, I had spent the   last 8 years as a volunteer in the Jackson School library.  I moved the library from the old stage, to a hallway, and then to one of the portable classrooms.  I already had a teaching degree with a minor in library science, and in 2000, completed my master’s in education, library science.       


    As the students know, I love to read! No, I haven’t read every book in both libraries, but it is a goal.  I firmly believe if one can read, one can acquire the knowledge to succeed at anything. 

    In today’s world our students need to be lifelong learners, one way is through reading, the second skill is to become INFORMATION LITERATE: being able to access and evaluate information in any format, book, online, and periodical.  The next step is to apply the gained information, and use it with appropriate copyright.