• The five elected members of The Plainville School Committee share a commitment to providing an academically challenging and socially responsible, cost effective educational program that enables our children to fully develop their minds and bodies. The members bring to the table a diverse array of personal and professional experiences which fosters the development of creative approaches to the delivery of a highly effective educational experience for all of Plainville's children. In addition to their work on the Committee and its various sub-committees, the members are often found sharing their passions with students during the school day in the areas of music, literature, writing, science & technology, and history or taking on other volunteer roles in the schools.

    The Committee encourages community participation in its efforts to fulfill its obligations to the Town and recognizes that our citizens' continual broad based support for Plainville's education program has permitted us to put into a place a highly qualified team of teachers, support staff and administrators who present our children with endless opportunities for personal and intellectual growth on a daily basis.