We are starting our year discussing the Migration to the Americas with the following objectives:

    • Why and how did early people migrated from Asia to the Americas?
    • How did the first Americans live during the Ice Age?
    • How did the way of life of the first Americans change as the climate became warmer?



    Then, we will learn about the Rise of the Empires with the following objectives:

    • What were some reasons for the development of the Mayan civilization?
    • How did the Aztec Empire grow?
    • How did roads help to unite the Incan empire?



    After that, we will talk about the Native American Regions that formed in North America and how their ways of life were different, partly due to the natural resources available in their region:

    • Eastern Woodlands
    • Great Plains
    • Southwest Desert
    • Northwest Coast


    Then, we'll discuss European Exploration! Students created powerpoints and became an expert one one explorer. During this unit the focus was:

    • What did explorers take to and from the New World during the Age of Exploration?
    • How did exploration of the Americas lead to settlement?


    Currently, we are learning about Early English Settlements with the following essential questions:

    • What challenges faced the first English colonies?
    • How were the three regions alike and different?

    Early English Settlments Roanoke   

    Early English Settlements Introduction