• Science News:
    The Massachusetts Science Standards are an adaptation of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).  Please see the document below for the specific third grade standards covered.
    The following are units and activities that are completed in third grade in correlation with the above NGSS Standards.
    Term 1:
    Essential Questions for the Physical Science Unit
    (Motion and Forces, Electric and Magnetic Forces):
    How can you tell whether something is moving?
    How do Forces change motion?
    How do simple machines make work easier?
    accelerate, balanced forces, direction, distance, energy, force, friction, motion, position, speed, unbalanced forces, work, electromagnet, attract/repel, North and South Poles
    Discovery Museum:
    The students experiment with electromagnets.
    LEGO Education:
    The students are utilize their engineering skills to build various complex machines made up of simple machines (Gears, Wheel and Axle, Lever, Pulley, Inclined Plane, Wedge)


    Term 2:

    Essential Questions for the Earth Science Unit

    (Weather and Climate):

    How does weather change?

    How does weather affect our lives?

    What are the impacts of extreme weather?

    How do climates vary in different regions of the world?

    How do we research and learn about a topic?



    air pressure     atmosphere     axis     climate     cloud     

    precipitation     evaporation     condensation     

    accumulation     season     weather     wind


    What is the Water Cycle?

    Watch a video and test your knowledge:




    Extreme Weather Research Links:

    Severe Weather Videos



    Weatherwizkids - thunderstorms

    FEMA - Thunderstorm

    KidsHealth - Thunderstorms

    Factmonster - Thunderstorms

    Thunderstorm video 


    Weatherwizkids - tornadoes

    FEMA - Tornado

    Tornado Facts for Kids

    Skydiary - tornadoes 

    Tornado video


    Weatherwizkids - hurricanes

    FEMA - Hurricane

    Skydiary - Hurricanes 

    Hurricane video


     Term 3:

    Essential Questions for the Life Science Unit

    (Parents and Offspring, Survival, Change in Ecosystems,

    Learn from the Past/Fossils):


    How are life cycles of plants similar?

    How are life cycles of animals similar?

    What affects an organism's traits?

    How does being part of a group help an animal surviv

    How do adaptations help plants and animals survive?

    How do variations in traits provide advantages for survival?

    How do changes in the ecosystem affect things that live there?

    What happened to organisms no longer living on Earth?

    What can we learn from fossils?



    birth, instinct, offspring, variation, germinate,

    life cycle, reproduction, inherit, metamorphosis, trait, adaptation, camouflage,

    competition, hibernation, migration, pollution, mimicry, natural selection,

    competition, predator, prey, population, ecosystem, migrate, organism,

    accomodation, food chain, food web,

    endangered, extinct, fossils, paleontologist, skeleton