•  A little SUMMER FUN for anyone that would like to try these Nearpods on Disney Landmarks:

    Part 1: 


    Part 2:




    Grade 3 History and Social Sciences Topics throughout the Year:


    Topic 1. Massachusetts cities and towns today and in history:

    Students have enjoyed learning about our amazing town of Plainville!

    Plainville Sign     Whiting    Bliss

    Fire Barn    Humphrey    Old Fire


    Plainville PowerPoint

    Plainville Jeopardy Game


    Topic 2-4. The geography and Native Peoples of Massachusetts, Native Peoples’ contacts with European explorers, The Pilgrims, the Plymouth Colony, and Native Peoples:

    The students looked at the events leading up to Thanksgiving

    from both the Pilgrim and Native American perspectives.

    Squanto             Pilgrim


    Topic 5. The Puritans, the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and Native Peoples:



    Topic 6. Massachusetts before, during, and after the American Revolution:

    The students study the major events and battles for Massachusetts in the Revolutionary War. They create timelines as a culmination activity.

    Battle       Declaration


    Students take a brief tour (with a variety of activities) through the history of Massachusetts in relation to the economy and world events 1776 to current.

    USS Massachusetts          Bascom Lodge


    Students learn about and compare the Massachusetts and United States Constitution, as well as the organization and purpose of government.

    MA Constitution

    MA vs US Constitution

     state house


    End of Year Grade Level Activity:

    The students will choose a person of significance for Massachusetts to research and complete the BIOGRAPHY CUBE. Then everyone will particpate in a living WAX MUSEUM event TBA.

    Biography Cube Planning Sheet

    Biography Cube Template