• As we kick off the year in science we will begin our focus on physical science. Students will be exploring about the different types of matter in our universe and how they can undergo phase changes and transform from one phase to anther with a change in the temperature! This is going to be a very hands on unit for our students we will be physically changing a variety of items and seeing if we can get them back to their original state or not! Students will be diving deeper into these changes by seeing if the weight changes or if only the look of the material has changed with a variety of tools. The primary material we will be using will be WATER! -- as it is a wonderful example that we are all familiar with in many different forms. 


    Once we have established the three states of matter in our universe (well four with plasma). We will start to dive deeper into the types of changes material can go through and decide whether or not they are physical - the outside looks different but you can get it back to the original material if needed. Or chemical the material is completely changed and can not go back to its original state.  




    The last piece of our physical science unit will be exploring the differences between mixtures and solutions and deciding what type of change these mixtures and solutions are -- can we ever get them back to the original state? or are they changed forever? We will be finding out through our investigations the power of temperature in these mixtures and solutions and how that knowledge of phase changes can help us change mixtures and solutions too!




    We will not only be completing a lot of hands on investigations to solidify our understandings but we will also be using our new science resource - INSPIRE Science which allows the students to investigate and explore deeper into concepts with articles that relate nicely to students previous learning and background.