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    What We're Doing in Our Classroom
    Here you will find a summary of units of study in Miss Almeida's classroom, as well as specifics about assessments or special activities.  


    Current Units of Study



    In reading, we will begin by learning about author's purpose, and how this connects to the genres of litearture.  We will dive into our first literature unit, which is an author study of Roald Dahl.  Students will work in small groups, each reading different Roald Dahl books, while focusing on key skills such as summarizing, predicting, and inferencing.  We will also begin anayzling characer traits and themes and will be making text-to-text and text-to-self connections!



    Language/Writer's Workshop:

    Connecting our work in reading with author's purpose, we will examine how the purose of writing impacts the type of writing that is done.  We will take a close look at narrative, expository, and opinion writing.  Writer's Workshop is hands-on here in 4A.  Students will be piecing together mixed up stories and expository writing pieces, and will be marking up or annotating a variety of exemplar writing pieces to disect the components of each of these types of writing.



    Social Studies:

    We will begn the year by taking a look at text features of nonfiction texts, which will help us gain comfort with one of the resources we use throughout the year as we travel through the region of the United States.  We will begin the year by focusing on the Northeast Region.  We will examine the climate, resources, and landscape of this region, and will take a closer look at how the Industrial Revolution shaped this region.  I am excited for our field trip to the Lowell Mills in October, where my students' learning about the Industrial Revoution will come to life!

    The 4th grade team is eager to be implementing the new NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) this year.  Throughout the year, we will be conducting investigations on a wide range of topics, allowing us to work collaboratively, solve problems, and draw conculsions.