• Wed, October 23rd,  2019
    MasssCUE Takeways


    Caitlin Carter and Anna Horrigan

    Session: Personalized and Blended Learning in the Inclusive Classroom

    • Highlander Institute Personalized Learning
    • Differentiate instruction
    • Individual rotation model rather than station rotation
    • Flexible grouping
      • Data driven
      • Self-paced
      • Offers choice
      • Student accountability
    • Give students a chance to reflect and give feedback on their learning
    • Personalized Menu/Playlist
      • Individualized based on student needs
      • Students work at their own pace- students don’t rotate through all the stations; they only complete those on their playlist
      • Teacher pull small groups
      • Online platform- Seesaw, Prodigy, Freckle, Epic!, Readworks
    • GradeCam
      • Scannable
      • Great for quick, real time results
      • Know exactly how your students did and group them accordingly
      • Students have their own identifier

    Session: Make Learning Awesome for All

    • Design with the end in mind
    • 5 C’s of Contemporary Education - Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical-thinking and Contribute
    • Personalized Learning
      • Incorporating project based learning, universal design for learning, and growth mindset
    • Designing projects that connect to the real world or connect to interests. Example: “Save the Bees”. Students chose the platform they want to work with (posters, video, written piece, etc.)
    • Design Questions to ask yourself
      • Does every learner need to do the same thing or did I build in flexibility?
      • If I were a learner in this lesson, would I want to do this?
      • Do learners have choice in the tools they are using?
      • Is movement built into the lesson?
      • Can every learner access the materials?

    Session: SEL Tools for LRE or IEP

    • Use comment feature in Word
    • Read and Write
    • Grammarly
    • Read Write Think (comic creator)
    • Newsela
    • Storyboard That
    • Speech to Text - For example: Speechnotes.co

    Session: Playlists: Properties, Process, and Parties!

    • Built off of first session that focused on personalized and blended learning
    • Personalized Menu/Playlist
      • Individualized based on student needs
      • Students work at their own pace- students don’t rotate through all the stations; they only complete those on their playlist
      • Online platform- Seesaw, Prodigy, Freckle, Epic!, Readworks
      • Can be used in all subject areas
      • Research projects- students choose topic and then they have certain things they must complete based on their playlist

    Sam Murdoch

    SEL Sessions:

    • Self-awareness books- Like no other, Mason Buttle, A monster calls
    • A monster calls—Connor is angry, the monster is a manifestation of him.
    • Restart- Gordon Korman- boy in middle school, jerks has a concussion, wakes up has no idea. The decision to become someone else.
    • Autobiographical projects—6 word stories, significant selfies, collage. Tasked with three adjectives to describe themselves.
    • Self-management- The war that saved my life, hey kiddo, girl stolen, Twerp, Try Aberdeen’s Letter to the World, Waiting for Normal
    • Stress Management- chair yoga- 5 minute warmup
    • Social Awareness- Lily and Dunkin, Ghost Boys, Just Mercy, Mockingbird, Call it what you want
    • The 57 Bus. Maybe he just likes you, Words on Bathroom Walls, The Year I didn’t Eat.
    • Scaffold Risk taking—Heads down voting, heads up voting after, agree/disagree with section leaders, whole class conversations.
    • Relationship Skills- Dear Martin, Curveball the year I lost my grip, The line tender, Ellen Hopkins.
    • Extraordinary Birds, Speechless, The Rock and River
    • Educational Website for technology centers-- https://www.freckle.com/ Freckle is a practice website (and app) for grades K–12 that addresses standards-based skills and concepts in core subject areas. ... Teachers can find a set of sample student questions as well, allowing them to differentiate standards-based content for students from a comprehensive, ever-growing library of resources.

    Erik  Sylvia

    Session: The Pre & Posts of 1:1 Rollout--what you should know

    Northampton Multi-year rollout, 6 schools in district, issued Chromebooks to every student grades 8-12 starting in the fall of 2018. Spending over a year learning from others, we want to share some of our insights.

    • Research
      • Site visits to current and other schools that have done it
      • Attended workshops
      • Researched nationally what others are doing
    • Communication
      • teacher meetings, administrator
      • talked to students
      • parent nights
      • surveys
      • Focus groups little attendance
      • Faculty meetings
      • Follow ups to address concerns
    • Guidebook rules and policies
      • Put together documentation of all of the school’s rules and policy for student and parents to follow.
    • Rollout plans
      • Timing: school day, before/after, who’s running it?
      • Logging paperwork, serial numbers
      • Bagging, Tagging, Enrolling ahead of time-who does this?
      • Digital driver's license - How to administer, check data & review with students

    Session: School Perspective Expectations with Students

    • Accountability
      • Charging every night at home
      • cleanliness
      • Bringing it to class every day
      • Using only your Chromebook!
      • Citations for sites and images
      • Only approved websites -Gaming sites
      • Appropriate free time usage -YouTube, Netflix, Chat, etc.
    • Safety
      • Don’t shove into backpack
      • Where to put at school when not in use
      • The case is only a holder, not a bunker (Computers are fragile!)
      • Your password is YOUR password. Lock when leaving
    • Added Unplanned Expenses
      • Chargers
      • Repair tickets
      • Protection Plan (insurance)
      • Inhouse repair or send out
      • Loaner machines
      • Extra cases
      • Kids destroy things

    Session: All About Document Cameras


    Lumens' educational technology, including Document cameras, PTZ cameras, and lecture capture system are aimed to create a student-centered interactive classroom, allowing students to receive the content in a fun way. It has proven that students get a perceivable increase in test scores and significantly improved in learning attitude.

    • The purpose of this workshop is to familiarize audience with particularly Lumens document cameras.
    • Doc Cameras are similar overhead projectors. A useful tool for teachers to use to focus on certain material up close to display - for students to learn.
    • Review and reteach students

    Lumens Camera Models
    DC125  - Under 300 list price; Not a standalone – usb to camera…made to interface to computer; This model is similar to what we have now, DC120; 5 year warranty; Ladibug has the ability to work with other software designed for other document cameras; VGA quality video capability; Free professional development for the life of the cameras

    DC170 - Midpoint model between DC120 and DC193’ Midpoint list price between DC120 and DC193; Better Video capabilities than the DC125 but not full HDMI DC193 in & out capabilities; 5 year warranty; Microphone; Free professional development for the life of the cameras

    DC193 - Lumens DC193 can interface with most devices.  It uses Hdmi in out, change source back n forth between what is on device and what’s displaying under camera iphones, ipads, chromebooks, interactive , whiteboards, panels, projectors, etc.

    The Lumens DC193 most popular camera, 5 year warranty, Free professional development for the life of the cameras, Price point under 600, Clarity, image quality, Video capabilities, Built-in microphone, Flexibility to connect to different devices via hdmi, Can store the video file via flash drive, limited camera file storage, or device interfaced with camera; Ladibug has the ability to work with other software designed for other document cameras; Microscope adapter

    All About Cleartouch

    Introduction to Cleartouch, our software, hardware and a demonstration on the 6065K Panel. Review features and capabilities on Cleartouch

    • Can bring in Live webpages via link must have Wifi for online resources -bring all resources to one space.
      • Using Snowflake Canvas on PC or Mac.
      • Reduce or eliminate adds via link as oppose to direct YouTube Can annotate over live video.
      • Must run on PC and Mac not using Built-in Android.
      • Can bring in pdfs or pictures not just videos.
      • Save and organize resources into one space.
      • Great way for teachers can organize their resources.
    • Can Access Community Lessons
    • Bad word filter
    • Snowflake can run on other panels but for full charge fees for software
    • Snowflake comes out with quarterly updates for free.
    • The latest one came out about a month ago version 7.1.
    • Can administer updates to each panel manually or distributed remotely
    • Canvas on the Cloud is on the horizon.

    Michelle Flynn

    Session: Show and Tell in 5th grade
    At this session I learned about screencastify https://www.screencastify.com/ and how to interact with students on writing tablets. I learned how to screen cast information and record thinking. This particular session worked on students working through problems with the screen cast and talking their process out. I think this would be a good use in my classroom to help strengthen my justifications for those students who find writing challenging. I also am thinking of it to be used for my higher level students to help them teach struggling learners about a method they have mastered. We have tablets already and the screen cast is a free app that would get us going at least to try out!

    Session: Phenomena to engage Science
    This was an eye opening session that was using the discovery education app https://www.discoveryeducation.com/ to start students wondering about phenomena to spark excitement in a certain topic area. In the new upgrades with discovery education they have included phenomena that will help spark interest in new topics covered. I am looking forward to exploring this more as we go through the year and see how my students react. This particular session had hands on phenomena which really did get me thinking and wondering and I am sure if I can provide some of those experiences to my students they would enjoy it as well!

    Session: Playlists
    This session introduced the idea of playlists in classrooms. They are like menus/or for larger projects/webquests. I found it to be interesting and it could provide a variety of differentiated lessons for students as well. I would be interested in looking deeper into how to create effective play lists and incorporating it into my science classroom. 

    Dreambox: An online math program that is aligned to Origo that seems more engaging than IXL however it is rather pricey – so we are looking into other alternatives that are similar

    StoryBoard That https://www.storyboardthat.com/: A story making program that is similar to scratch but without the coding. I think it would be a great way to get students to show their learning in a creative way – particularly for me in science class.

    Susan Lareau

    Session: Blended and Personalized Learning http://bit.ly/2o8uKoB
    What is Blended Learning? Its Combination of both traditional class work with technology and online learning: flipping the classroom, various projects and ways to present ·

    • Mentimeter is another way to give students a quick poll or quiz https://www.mentimeter.com/
    • Discovery Education partnered with North Attleboro Schools to support teachers in this endeavor

    Session: Unpacking the Digital Literacy Standards http://bit.ly/massq2019

    Session: SWAY and Book Advertisements (Blurbs)

    • Sway is Office 365 Presentations https://sway.office.com/my
    • She had examples of books with QR Codes students go to the QR another student’s Book Blurb

    Session: Microsoft and STEM Presented by “our” guy Josh

    • Ideal for an Hour of Code Night for Parents and Students

    Tina Baker

    Session: Managing Early Finishers in the Project-Based Classroom

    Presenters:  Coleen Gianino & Sterling Worrell (Hopkington Public Schools)

    The presenters were High School Visual Arts teachers who shared Extension Activities that they used in their classrooms.  Although most of this was above my grade, I did get some ideas.

    • They would use the extension activities towards Honor’s Credit
    • Extension Activities:
      • Mini Projects: We could use Symbaloo to create a link for children to access
      • VR Station
      • Discussion Forum (we could use blogs)
      • Challenges (ex) STEM boxes
    • They suggested we seek out Awards/Contests for children
    • Flipped & Self-Paced Learning. (Type this in GOOGLE and a lot of information comes up)
    • Provides SEL opportunities instead of doing the Early Finisher tasks. They allow children to take a break or make a choice from other options

    Session: The Collaborative Classroom

    • GOOSECHASE: They modeled this FREE resource where they created a Digital Scavenger Hunt with a mission.  They used this in class and then also for a field trip
    • PRODIGY: This is a FREE math site where you design your own mission.   It is differentiated.
    • KAHOOT: This is a FREE resource where you create quizzes on content.  You can also search and use other Kahoots.   They also suggested that children create their own KAHOOT on paper and the teacher will input it.
    • BRAINPOP: They suggested using a Headphone Splitter with a partner.  The task is to Read/Listen/Watch and respond.
    • ORG: This is a free site where children get individual logons and follow a preset plan to learn coding.   You can do Paired Programming (upper right corner) that will keep data.
    • TRIVENTY: This is a FREE resource similar to Kahoot.  Children sign on with a link and create etc. 
    • Robots: They created courses with Bluebots (the new Beebots).  As an enrichment they had their students code the bots to music.

     Session: Breakout EDU

    • SEESAW: introduced journaling/blogging:  gives parents an opportunity to view their child’s progress.  Suggested parameters:  TAG  Tell me something you liked.   Ask me a ?  Give me a suggestion.
    • GLOBAL READ ALOUD: Free opportunity that connects with other classrooms.  Provides a nice connection to cultures/diversity.

    Session: CLEARTOUCH

    • SNOWFLAKE: need version 7.1 that runs on Windows 10. She went through the basics of how to use this amazing resource
    • Spent some time modeling how to upload a video
    • https://www.getcleartouch.com/clear-touch-academy/ has a wealth of information available to us.  Through the academy, you can enroll into courses, save courses to your dashboard, and keep track of the badges and certifications that you earn.
    • Modeled how to access a Lesson Bank to search current topics we teach

    Session: Discovery Education

    • The presenter did a nice job teaching us how to navigate the new changes to their site.
    • You can search by subject, grade, Common Core Standard etc…
    • STUDIO:  you can upload boards with preset lessons/activities for students and also create new ones

    David Raiche

    Session: Measuring Tech Integration

    • North Reading Public Schools shared its methodologyand tools which support and measure tech integration K-12, target professional development, and inform purchases

    Session: Using Robotics

    • Presenters shared many technology tools they use within their pre-school program such as osmo jr, chatter pix, kids, botley and magic play

    Session: Preschool Ain't What It Used to Be

    • A USDOE document (Guiding Principals for the Use of Technology With Early Learners) served as a basis for changes to the presenter's preschool program