• Thursday, October 24th,  2019
    MasssCUE Takeways


    David Kiely

    Session: The Network Outage that never happened- WCA IT Assessments

    • The importance of analyzing your network and environment, for latency, bottlenecks, performance, and compliance.
    • WCA solution was to purchase their service to run a program to analyze and assess our network.Session: How secure and stable is your wireless network. Can you rely on it to perform when it matters?
    • The importance of wireless to our info structure, and being able to troubleshoot its weaknesses.
    • Wyebot and HPE Aruba both had products that would analyze your wireless network and provide comprehensive reports on both performance and weakness.

    Session: Stop Cyberattacks, Not Learning

    • On average, there was a Cyberattack on a K-12 institution every three days last year.
    • Cylance a Blackberry company provides threat zero protection, and presented why it is important to have cyberattack protection. Our current software has the required tools to prevent zero day threats

    Philomina Hosdurg

    Session: Raising the Bar: A Look at Microsoft’s Student Technology Platform by Envision

    This session covered a comparison between Google’s & Microsoft’s presence. It also focused on Microsoft Learning Tools that can be used to help students thrive in the world of digital transformation. 

    Here is an immersive Reader Demo of how it can be used in the classroom https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ca_1iDuV3Z0 (4:29 minutes)

    Translate to any language in the drop box (a word or a document) and have it read back in that language – can switch between English and the other language easily.

    Immersive Reader
    Recommendation – To explore using Immersive Reader/Translate in classroom 

    • For all students/struggling readers/ELLs
    • Requires sharing with anyone feature turned on, or Office 365 logins

    Session: Student Data Privacy, by TEC

    This session was about Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) and Massachusetts Student Data Privacy Alliance (MSPA) that was formed to address the growing concern among School districts to make sure they are compliant with FERPA, COPPA, PPRA, CIPPA, HIPAA.

    SDPC /MSPA https://sdpc.a4l.org/view_alliance.php?state=MA

    100 districts already members, including Wrentham. School Districts become members by registering with the alliance (cost $1 per student)

    What do they do?

    • Facilitate the collection/negotiation of SDP Agreements
    • DPA done only once by first school district using the software, other districts that subscribe to the DPA will complete Exhibit E
    • Approved - Signed DPAS and Exhibit Es are posted on MSPA website
    • Approved with modifications - Reviewed by their attorney, and vendor/originating district
    • Vendor does not sign - posted in declined database with vendor’s reason.
    • Give members access to Cleared, Declined, ‘Failed to respond’ Vendor applications

    Recommendation – To explore joining the MSPA

    • To use their expertise in this area for current and growing Student Data Privacy concerns.
    • To cut costs and save time by using their attorneys.
    • Get access to their database

    Susan Lareau

    Session: Choose Your Own Adventure http://bit.ly/35X7ISW

    • A way to use PP and it’s hyperlinks to have students create a story
    • Ms Bolton gave an example
    • Different way to teach PP to students
    • Key to have students write and edit story first!

    Session: Book Club https://bit.ly/2T6WuDI

    • How to run a “flipped” book club for teachers
    • Suggested keep it easy and simple
    • Session: Balance Like a Pirate by Jessica Cabeen, Jessica Johnson, and Sarah Johnson

    Session: Creating Critical Consumers: https://tinyurl.com/criticalconsumers

    • Students too gullible with what is on the Web
    • Many examples of how to teach and reinforce these thinking skills

    Session:  History and Civic Learning https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1CZHSyjiLrcXaG04I-5jZyOz6gDedulQDRtd4ldL7BUI/edit#slide=id.gfc5dfb6c5_1_0

    Stephanie Whitaker

    Session: Tools for Effective Collaboration and Productivity

    Office 365 with Lynn P.S

    Session: Ms Frizzle Style Field trips by Integrating Virtual Reality into Your Classroom

    Reasons for using VR:

    • Use Youtube videos/explore world through 360 videos posted on youtube
    • Northeastern Univ - Gigpans (send students with 360 cameras)
    • Google expeditons (option VR and AR)
    • Check out Wakelet https://wakelet.com/(free) https://wakelet.com/privacy.html Example lesson: Lecture, Field trip, observations, formative assessment, student driven exploration
    • Reforestation app (AR) - View the dress and you will view the forest on the skirt
    • Google street style https://poly.google.com/ creator/tours
    • Thinglink 360 https://www.thinglink.com/
    • Materials - google cardboard $[11-15)

     Session: Cleartouch - Get Sarah Slowey to do "Train the Trainer" 

    Session: Discovery Education

    • Board Builder is Studio
    • Channel - Personalize channels; you can remove and replace with new topics; How many different channels are there? 517 channels
    • Easier to search by standards, subject, grade level
    • jason@discoveryed.com

    Playground: Empowered Learning Celebrate Making

    Microbits, Circuits, Bloxel, Robotics