Hi Everyone! 

    This week, I am hoping that you would be able to TRY to make a recording of yourself singing a part of one of our songs (choose the verse or the chorus). It can be a video recording or an audio only recording.

    Here is how to do it:

    1. Choose the song you want to sing and get the recording ready on a listening device

    2.  Plug a set of headphones into that listening device (computer, iPod, tablet, etc.) so that only you can hear the music being played but nobody else can.

    3.  Record youself on a separate device singing along with the recorded voice.

    4.   Email me your recording.  molynciw@plainville.k12.ma.us

    ***For example: I am going to plug in my headphones and listen to the music on my computer but record myself singing using my phone at the same time. *** SEE MY VIDEO EXAMPLE BELOW