• Below you will find a brief description and materials for suggested Math and Science activities for the week. Please contact your child’s teacher with any questions or if you would like additional material. 


    Mash Up Puzzles:

        Students can stretch their thinking and mental flexibility by completing these various mashup math puzzles. Students should solve for the missing variable and find the missing values. Challenge yourself and try to complete a few as well. Encourage your child to share their thinking and strategies for solving with you!  

     Mash Up Puzzles


    Mixed Module 1-3 Review Quizizz

          Students can review math concepts previously taught in our Origo Modules 1-3. Once students go to the website, they should create a user name with their actual name, not an unrecognizable silly nickname.  Students can complete this quizizz as many times as they would like. Students should use the same usename each time they complete it as we don’t need to have 200 open quizizz from BobbyJo J Our goal as usual is to aim for 80% accuracy. Students should complete this review before completing the attached Origo Quarterly Assessment. ** Please contact your child's teacher for their individual class code** 


    Origo Quarterly Assessment Modules 1-3 

       This assessment can either be printed and completed or students can practice their work organization and show their work for each problem by numbering a piece of paper, completing the problems on there as well

    Origo Quarterly Assessment Modules 1-3



    Bill Nye the Science Guy Video Activity:

         Students can visit the following link and watch a video segment on the Moon and its phases. Students can complete the attached recording sheet. For additional information and skill building, students can also complete the attached reading and comprehension questions. 

     Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPPQgMORPlg&t=38s

     Billy Nye Moon Recording Sheet

     Phases of the Moon Reading


    Earth, Sun, Moon Vocabulary:

        Students can practice and reinforce their Earth, Sun, Moon Relationship vocabulary by completing activities on Quizlet using the link below. Again, please be sure to use a first name as a user name as we want to be able to identify students. 


    Link: https://quizlet.com/_87q781?x=1qqt&i=zhnq3