• Here is a list of resources that may be useful in promoting learning at home.math


    Additional Resources:


    • Prodigy: Practice math skills while playing a fun game



    • ABCya: Play a variety of skill-specific games for ELA and math


    • Click Grade 4
    • Click Numbers


    • Happy Numbers: Put your math skills to the test!



    • IXL: Practice math and ELA skills that we’ve learned – start with a starred activity



    • That’s a Fact: Practice math facts online! You can time yourself, too!



    • Times Tables Practice: Learn math facts one table at a time!



    • Tumblebooks – Read and listen to a variety of stories online.




    • Khan Academy – Watch tutorial videos that explain endless skills with opportunities to practice.



    • Go Noodle – Engaging and entertaining videos that get students moving, exercising, and meditating, too.



    • Storyline Online – Website where students can listen to countless stories read aloud by famous celebrities.



    • NatGeoKids – National Geographic for Kids website where students can play games, explore, read, and watch videos related to animals, science, and social studies.



    • TedEd – Search for lessons and videos by subject and skill.



    • Into the Book – Students can play games that help them to practice reading strategies.



    • Yoga for Kids: Relax and enjoy movement!



    • Highlight Kids – Read, play games, and conduct cool science experiments.

    https://www.highlightskids.com  à click “for kids” tab


    • Sora – Website where students can read a variety of texts digitally. Students can “check out” books of their choice. 



    Want to get off the computer? Here are some alternative activities that are electronic-free:

    • Go on a nature walk
    • Build a fort
    • Play a card game or board game
    • Create your own cereal box using an empty cereal box
      • Use descriptive language to describe your cereal
      • Include nutrition information (How much energy does it give you? Does it give you super powers?)
    • Reorganize a room in your house
    • Write a letter to a friend and put it in the mail
    • Keep a journal about your daily adventures
    • Go for a drive with your family and play the alphabet game using license plates or street signs
    • Bake something in the kitchen
    • Put on a play
    • Host a talent show for your family


    STEM Activities 


    STEAM Powered Families

    STEAMsational STEAM Activities for Kids



    20 Super Cool Summer STEM Activities



    Journal Prompts

    Choose a prompt to write about. Have fun writing!


    Remember to:                                                             

    1. Answer the prompt completely

    2. Provide details/elaborations

    3. Use capital letters for beginning of sentences and proper nouns

    4. Use end punctuation

    5. Use only one conjunction (i.e.: and, but, or, so) per sentence

    6. Check for spelling errors


    • Begin your summer journal by making a list of three goals that you have for yourself this summer. Why have you chosen these goals? What will you do to accomplish them? 
    • Imagine that you are planning a summer picnic for you and your best friends. Your picnic will need to have a theme, and you will have to plan the meal accordingly. What theme will you choose? What food will you make? What decorations will you bring with you to the picnic?
    • Write about the most recent trip to the zoo that you took with your family. What was your favorite animal? Now, write about what you would do if you had to take care of that animal all day at the zoo.
    • Write a poem about the perfect summer day.
    • Describe your dream vacation. Where do you want to go? What do you want to do once you get there?
    • How late do you think you should be able to stay up during the summer months? Write a persuasive essay to your parents to try to convince them to change your bedtime.
    • Write about what the last day of school was like for you. How did you feel? Do you wish that the day had gone differently? What would you change about the last day?
    • Do you plan to do any reading over the summer? Take the time to make a list of the books you want to read. Write a complete paragraph about the type of books you like best and why.
    • Imagine that you were playing in your yard and you saw that the kid across the street was being picked on by someone older than you. What would you do? Why would you react that way? How do you feel is the best way to respond to that situation? 
    • A lot of times people travel to other states or countries for vacation. Imagine what it would be like for someone to travel to your hometown for their summer trip. Write about all of the reasons why your local area would be a great place to travel to. 
    • Think about your best friend and write about that person’s five best qualities. Why do you like those qualities? Do you try to be like your friend? 
    • When you think about the next year of school, what type of teacher do you hope you will have? Describe the best possible teacher for you.
    • Write a realistic fiction story about a 4th-grade student from 20 years ago. What was their daily life like? How was it similar to yours? How was it different?
    • What are you able to do during the summertime that you are not able to enjoy during the school year? How does this make you feel?
    • Write about your favorite summer foods! What do you like about them? Describe them using sensory details!
    • Write about some of your favorite summer traditions. 
    • If you could go sail anywhere, where would you go? Write a narrative story about sailing there.
    • Write a narrative story about a beach trip. Desrcibe what you might do. Is there a problem that comes up? How is it solved?
    • Write an acrostic poem about summer. 
    • Write a story using this as your base: "One day, I ate a watermelon seed..." 
    • Write instructions to making your favorite recipe! 
    • Write a travel guide about living in your area. 
    • Your friend is coming to visit from another state. Where would you take him or her? What fun things would you do? 
    • Go for a natura walk outside. Then, write about what you experienced using your 5 senses.