Students are responsible for completing homework on Monday-Thursday nights each week. Every Monday, students will receive a packet that includes a "Homework Log" along with the current spelling pattern and a short list of words that follow that pattern. Included in each packet are lists of exciting, creative, and interactive activities that will help students practice their skills, as well as complete directions and/or examples for each activity.  Students will get to choose thier own activities to complete, which gives them some control and allows them to work on activities that they enjoy the most. Many activities include a technology component or even physical activity!
    Each night, students are also expected to complete meaningful Reading or Math Facts practice (on alternating weeks), as well as practice the current Spelling pattern for a total of around 20 minutes of skills practice. (However, many students have so much fun that they like to complete mutiple activities or continue with reading and math facts for a longer amount of time). 
    At the end of practice each night, students should fill in the box on the Homework Log to list what they have accomplished.  All boxes should be initialed by an adult.  ***The Homework Log gets passed in on Friday morning each week.
    Reading Practice:
    The goal of this homework format is to focus on building the most foundational skills for reading and math.  When students have the flexibility and time built-in to read each afternoon/night, they will more likely view reading as fun and relaxing. The more time spent on meaningful reading and being exposed to as many different types of texts as possible, the stronger our students will become at both reading and writing! Students should read "Good Fit" books, that are not too hard for them to decode and understand, but also that are not too easy.  Students can read alone, or with a friend or family member.  They should always be able to talk about what they have read.
    Math Practice:
    When it comes to math, practicing basic addition and subtraction facts to become stronger and faster is an extremely important skill in second grade that will make our students shine in all areas of Math.  Just like with reading, dedicated time to practice math facts will help our students greatly when tackling all kinds of Math problems in all different topics.
    Spelling Practice:
    Along with reading or math practice each night, students should spend a few minutes reading, writing, and practicing the current Spelling pattern for the week.  Instead of having a list of 15 spelling words each week to be memorized and tested, the goal is for students to focus more on the actual spelling and phonics pattern, in order to be able to flexibly apply that pattern to an array of words when reading and writing.  Each week, students will be provided with the pattern and a few words that follow it.  There will also be a list of suggested fun activities to help with practice. 
    We will continue to have spelling lessons and practice in the classroom, and I will check in with each student throughout the week to assess their understanding.  However, there will be no formal Spelling Test on Friday If I see that a student is struggling with a specific pattern, I can work with that student more in class and circle back to that specific pattern until it is mastered.  I will also communicate that to families as well.
    The goal is that all students will use their precious time each night in the most meaningful way possible.
    Please let me know if you have any questions!
    Keep Calm and Do Your Homework