• Confidentiality
    A great deal of student, family, and staff information is now available in a variety of formats. Easy access to such information has increased the possibility of its inappropriate distribution.  This policy establishes a set of guidelines which safeguard the privacy of students, family, and staff members, and has broad implications, especially as it relates to what staff members can and can’t say to or share with others.
    The Plainville Public Schools (PPS) is committed to the protection of student, parent, and staff personal information. PPS recognizes its responsibility to safeguard the privacy of its students, staff, and their family.

    It is essential that PPS employees who are entrusted with confidential student, family, and staff information keep this information confidential.

    It is the responsibility of the PPS employees to protect student, family, and staff confidential information collected or maintained by the Plainville Public Schools from release or misuse.

    Confidential information includes, but is not limited to:
    • student or staff number
    • phone numbers
    • social security number
    • birth information
    • ethnic category
    • home language
    • lunch/financial status
    • medical information
    • contact information
    • family information
    • legal alerts
    • grades
    • discipline records
    • certain kinds of payroll information

    Confidential information is to be accessed and discussed only in relation to an employee's job responsibilities and only with other authorized personnel.

    Confidential student or staff information should not be given to non-authorized Plainville personnel or to people not employed by the Plainville Public Schools without the written consent of a supervisor. Email of confidential information is also prohibited.

    PPS employees may not use or disclose any such information for personal gain, nor reveal it to anyone outside of the PPS at any time during or after their employment with the PPS, except as permitted or required by law or as authorized by the individual or in the case of a minor, with the consent of a parent or guardian.
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