• Civil Rights: Introduction

    The Plainville Public Schools is committed to providing a safe educational environment that promotes equal access to educational and occupational opportunities for all adults and children regardless of race, color, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, qualifying disability or religion. Should an incident of harassment occur, the school system shall provide for swift action to eliminate such harassment or discrimination among or between students and staff.

    This section addresses the prevention of discrimination and harassment of both students and staff members on the basis a person's:

    • race,
    • color,
    • gender,
    • religion,
    • national origin,
    • sexual orientation
    • qualifying disability

    In addition, this section of the training module addresses the appropriate methods for responding to discrimination and harassment in the school setting.

     Q.: What is harassment?

    A: There are many different types of harassment. Harassment includes unwelcome verbal or physical conduct which may or does offend, denigrate or belittle any individual based on race, gender, color, national origin, sexual orientation, qualifying disability or religion. Such conduct includes pictures, jokes, comments, innuendos or any other behavior, which create an environment that is offensive, intimidating, or hostile to anyone. The Plainville Public Schools will not tolerate any form of harassment based on any of the protected characteristics.  Plainville Public Schools assures that all complaints are taken seriously and investigated thoroughly and promptly. If incidents of harassment aresubstantiated, the Plainville Public Schools takes action to end the harassmentand ensure that such harassment will not be repeated.

    Q: What are my responsibilities as an employee of the Plainville Public Schools?

    A: It is the responsibility of every employee to recognize acts of harassment and take every action necessary to ensure that applicable policies and procedures are implemented. Acts of harassment and discrimination must be reported.

    In addition, there are concrete steps that staff can take to promote a respectful and safe climate that creates a culture where harassment and discrimination are unacceptable. Some examples include:

    • Modeling respectful, tolerant behavior with both colleagues and students.
    • Making curriculum choices that incorporate diverse viewpoints.
    • Intervening when harassing or discriminatory actions occur.

     Civil Rights: Reporting Incidents of Harassment or Discrimination

    Every adult in our school district has a responsibility, when aware of harassment or discrimination, to take action necessary to eliminate it. All incidents of harassment and/or discrimination must be reported to the principal, or designee for appropriate recording and follow-up. As stated in the Plainville Public School's Policy on Harassment and Discrimination, all complaints will be taken seriously and will be investigated thoroughly and promptly.

    Finally, the federal and state governments have offices devoted to the enforcement of civil rights legislation. 

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