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    Looking for a learning routine? Here is a list of suggested activities you can do each day!

    Here is an editable Daily Schedule you can edit and print out.

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    20 minutes of Happy Numbers

    Happy Numbers - Clever application gallery | Clever

    (check in with your teacher for you class login information)

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    Addition Practice:

    Add two numbers together and write down the addition sentence.

    You can use dice, dominoes, or playing cards to add!

    Amazon.com: Rolling Dice: Appstore for Android          Top 10 Dominoes Sets of 2019 | Video Review Custom Playing Cards - Custom Poker Card - The Poker DepotBrailled Classic Uno Card Game - Vision Forward


          You can also play as a group! Largest sum wins each round.

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    Counting to 120 by Ones and Tens

    (click images for kid-safe video links)

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    video thumbnail

    100 chart    120 chart

    (click to download a 100 and 120 chart activities)

    Elementary Media Services | Programs

    20 Minutes of Reading Books or Listening to Stories

    Reading Expectations (Partner Reading and Reading to Self) | TpT

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    Listen to stories read aloud!

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    A library of animated stories to listen to and enjoy.

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    10 minutes of Teach Your Monster to Read

    Teach Your Monster to Read: Free Phonics & Reading Game

    (ask your teacher for your student login)

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    Reading Sight Words

    sight words

    Scholastic Resources


    Free and No Log-in required! 


    Scholastic Learn at Home

    (click the link to go to this weeks activities)

    "Welcome! Even when schools are closed, you can keep the learning going with these special cross-curricular journeys. Every day includes four separate learning experiences, each built around a thrilling, meaningful story or video. Kids can do them on their own, with their families, or with their teachers. Just find your grade level and let the learning begin! 

    -The Editors of Scholastic Classroom Magazines."

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    BookFlix- Fiction and Nonfiction paired texts

    Watch & Learn Library- Building learning through fun and engaging videos

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    Writing and Illustrating 2 or more sentences.

    Your illustrations should match your sentsences.

    Make sure to draw a background or setting to your illustration.

    In these kindergarten writing prompts, your youngest students have the chance to explore their interests, emotions, and the lessons they’ve learned in school.

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    writing paper

    Print your own writing paper!

    Start a journal, write facts about your favorite animal, write a fiction story, write a narrative about a fun memory.

    (click to download)


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