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    Our phonics program at the Jackson School is Fundations! This program teaches our students the sounds each letter makes, the name of each letter, and how to write each letter with correct formation.


    Letter Sounds:

    Our sound cards teach students to identify the letter name, a picture word, and the letter sound.

    For example, the letter A card would say: A - apple - /a/


    Click this link to hear all the Fundation cards!

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    Letter Writing:

    We will also learn to write our letters with proper letter formation!

    Tall letters (Sky Line Letters) should reach the sky line, small letters (plane line letters) should reach the airplane line, long letters should touch the worm line, and ALL letter should sit on the grass line.


    Click this link for a introduction to each special type of letter formation!


    Fundations Writing Lines:

    Print this image to practice using our Fundations writing lines at home!

    Fun Tip: If you slide the paper into a plastic sleeve, or large Ziploc bag, you can use a dry-erse marker to practice writing over and over again!


    (Click here to download)

    Free Printable Lined Paper Fundations Style