• Dear Parents,

    Here are some activity ideas you can do at home with your child to help strengthen their skills.  We do many of these at school as well. 
    *Print, Print, Print:  Copy and label words using proper capital and lower case letters.
    *White Boards:  Children love using wipe of boards to print and draw!
    *Play Dough:  This develops and improves finger/hand strength.
    *Shaving Cream:  Use in bathtub to draw and make letters and pictures.
    *Draw, Draw, Draw:  Draw pictures (favorite activities, favorie part of books, etc.)
    * Concentration Games:  Make flashcards for letters/sounds/words
    *Use letter/rubber stamps to practice letters
    *  Read to your child:  This develops a rich vocabulary and comprehension skills.  Have your child read to you.  Have them look at pictures and decribe what is happening on each page..Pick out familiar sight words on each page.
    The most important thing you can do is read to your child every day! Enjoy the quiet one on one time and help your child to develop a love of reading!