Below, are some common problems and solutions that the IT department runs into on a weekly basis. Many of these issues can be resolved quickly and easily just by following a few simple steps.


    Unable to log on to the computer
    -Check to make sure your cap locks are off

    -Be sure you are entering the correct password

    -Make sure the correct user name is entered.
    *Note: i
    f you are using Windows 7 click “Switch User” then select “Other User”. This will allow you to enter the correct user name.
    The keyboard or mouse is not responding
    -Trace the wire coming from the keyboard or mouse. Make sure the jack, at the end or the device, is properly connected and seated all the way into the port.
    -Restart your computer. This sometimes regains communication with the keyboard and mouse.
    The computer is completely non-responsive
    -Move the mouse and/or hit the enter key on the keyboard to ensure the computer is not just in sleep mode.

    -Make sure the monitor is plugged in and is on.

    -Check the power cables from the computer and monitor to the power strip or wall outlet. Make sure the power strip is plugged in and turned on.

    -If you see lights on the computer, force a shut down by holding in the power button for 10 seconds. (Be sure to hold it in for at least 10 seconds or it will just go into sleep mode). Turn the computer back on.


    Computer is running slow and programs are freezing up
    -Restart your computer. 
    -If your computer is frozen and will not allow you to restart by using the start button you will have to do a force shut down.
     Here are some common issues that may require a restart:

    -The computer is frozen, running slow or “acting funny”

    -An application won’t start or is not performing properly

    -Unable to get on the internet or a network drive

    -Printer will not print



    An application you are using (like Word) locks up
    -Press Ctrl + Alt + Del (hold down, all at the same time)
               Ctrl Alt Del

    -Click on “Start Task Manager”

    -Click the “Applications” Tab

    -Highlight the program you’re having trouble with and click “End Task”

    *Note: Some applications will attempt to recover your work when you re-open them but not all do. Because of this, it is important to save frequently or your recently entered data could be lost.


    Printer will not print

    -Make sure there is paper in the tray

    -You may need ink - check if the ink light is on

    -Check for a paper jam

    -Unplug the printer, wait 10 seconds, plug it back in

    -See if other computers can print. If so, restart your computer and try again