• Fifth graders can use this site and the example to create their own non-fiction trading card from a non-fiction book they have read.

    Trading Card Outline



    ·        Enter your first name, initial of your last name, and class

    ·        Enter the title of your book

    ·        Select “create your own”

    ·        If you have a picture you may upload it otherwise, leave it blank

    ·        Click on Next

    ·        1. Title of Book and Author

    o   In Label type book’s title

    o   In blank space type the author’s name

    ·        2. Fun Facts

    o   At least 3 interesting facts from the book

    ·        3. Vocabulary words with definitions

    ·        4. Book Information

    o   Dewey Decimal Number(see me if needed)

    o   Number of pages

    o   Reading Level(see me if needed)

    ·        5. Recommendations

    o   Why or why not would you recommend this book