• Plainville School Libraries
     Jackson                            wood  
    Both Anna Ware Jackson and the Beatrice H. Wood libraries are state of the art.  The libraries are both part of the SAILS System, this enables students and teachers to borrow needed library books from any other member library through interlibrary loan.  There are in both schools, approximately 7,000 books for the faculty and students to enjoy, making Plainville Schools on par with the state minimum standards. 
    Both libraries support the Accelerator Reader program for the schools.  There are a variety of periodicals for the students to enjoy while in the library.  The libraries have hardbound editions of encyclopedias, as well as the use of Grolier Online. World Book Online is another Internet based encyclopedia available to the students through the support of the Plainville PTO. As part of the SAILS System, the schools enjoy a subscription to Tumble Books, a collection of e-books, teacher resources, and reading challenges.  Both libraries, throughout the school day are staffed with either the library/media teacher or the library/media paraprofessional.
    Anna Ware Jackson library has 15 desk computers and 12 laptops available for student use. 
    Beatrice H. Wood library has 2 desktop computers to use as OPACS and  a laptop cart of 24.
    Each library has an interactive board and InterWrite Pad to use with the students for instruction.