• Unscheduled Early Dismissal
    Power breakdown, weather related conditions etc., might require early evacuation of the school. Telephone service could be down depending on the emergency.

    The decision to close school early is made by the Superintendent of School's office. In the event of unscheduled early dismissal the Superintendent will notify families through the District's Notification phone system.  All phone numbers provided by each family will receive the call.   Additionally,  the announcement to close school early is heard on the following radio and television stations:

    Television Stations:

    NECN  (New England Cable News)
    Radio Stations:

    630 AM WPRO
    1030 AM
    Parents should inform their children regarding emergency procedures they are to follow if it is necessary to close school prior to the general dismissal time.

    Should a decision be made to close school early, the school will follow the plan as noted on the Early Release Form. All after-school and evening programs in the school district will be canceled. Parents arriving at school to pick up their child(ren), will have their child(ren) dismissed upon arrival.
    Delay School Opening

    On some mornings, road or weather conditions may warrant a delay in the opening of schools. If this decision is made, all schools will open one hour later than usual (9:40 a.m. at Jackson School and Wood School), and all buses will run one hour later accordingly.   If there is a one-hour delay, morning prechool classes will take place one hour later.   If there is a two-hour delay, AM preschool will be cancelled.  Please note: If school is delayed or cancelled, there will be no morning enrichment classes and tutoring meetings. 
    Please do not drop your child off at school at the regular hour because there will not be any adult supervision until ten minutes before school begins.  The Superintendent will contact all families using the District's Notification phone system.  Please make sure that the main office has your correct phone number in the student database.