1. Please read the School Committee Policy regarding home education.

    2. Complete this online application form.

    3. Please email the required documentation (see below) to Superintendent Raiche at (draiche@plainville.k12.ma.us) OR mail the packet at least six weeks prior to the planned start of the Home Education Program to: 

    Office of the Superintendent of Schools
    68 Messenger Street
    Plainville, MA 02762  



    Attach a statement providing the following information regarding any and all persons who will serve as  instructors in this Home Program including but not limited to : name, instructional  responsibility, college degrees (if any), teaching certifications  (if any), and any other evidence to describe teaching competence for the instructional  area. (Such evidence  must include official transcript(s)(if school level). In each case in which reference is made  to formal study , official documentation in some form must be included.


    Attach a proposed home education plan for each child, which includes the following:

      1. A description of each subject to be taught, including the scope, major goals and objectives, and the principle books/materials to be used in each area;
      2. A description of the schedule for instruction during the period for which School Committee approval is requested; (please include the number of hours per day/week for each subject);
      3. A statement describing the tests or measurement/evaluation process/procedure which will be used  by which your child's progress  toward educational goals will be measured during the home instructional period.


    You will receive a response to your proposed Home Education Plan within fifteen (15) working days of submission.

    If the requested  changes/documentation/clarification(s) are not made, or if the revised Home Instructional Plan(s) are not supported by the Superintendent, the parent(s)/guardian(s) have the right to request a hearing directly with the School Committee to present the Home Instructional Plan(s).