Frequently Asked Questions
    (updated as of 12/21)

    Zoom Meetings
    Note: To have the best experience "zooming" with your teacher(s), please install the latest Zoom client.  Do not join your meeting(s) using the Zoom browser. To download the Zoom client, please visit https://zoom.us/download.

    Q. How do you know if the Zoom client has already been installed on the school device?
    If you see the " Zoom Installer" in the Download folder of your school device, your Zoom client has already been installed.  You do not have to re-install.

    Q. I have tried entering the passcode multiple times for my child's Zoom meeting but it would not accept the passcode.  How can I resolve this problem?
    Make sure you have the correct passcode as it is case sensitive.  If it still doesn't work, then re-install the Zoom client and try entering the passcode again.

    If that doesn't resolve the problem, you may also join the zoom meeting by going to https://zoom.us/join, then enter the meeting ID and/or passcode provided to you.

    Q. There is no audio via speaker and/or microphone when I zoom with my child's teacher. What should I do?
    You should download and install the Zoom client on the school device prior to the zoom meeting(s). Do not zoom using the browser. To download the Zoom client, go to https://zoom.us/download. Once you connect to the Zoom meeting, make sure you click on "Join with Computer Audio".

    Q. Can I install the Zoom client on the school device without restrictions?
    Yes.  Please install the Zoom client on the school device prior to the zoom meeting(s).  You only have to install the Zoom client once. To download the Zoom client, go to https://zoom.us/download 

    Q. There is no sound or audio on the student device. What should I do?
    On the keyboard, press "f8" multiple times to increase volume.  You will find "f8" on the top row of the keyboard.

    Connect to Home WiFi Network
    Q: How do I connect to my home WiFi network?
    There are two ways to connect wirelessly:

    1. If you do not see the wireless icon on the task bar at the bottom of the screen, move the mouse cursor to the bottom-right corner or top-right corner of the screen. The Charms bar should appear on the right side of the screen. Click on Settings (Bottom gear). Under Network Settings, select your home network. Depending on your network setup, you will have to enter a passcode.

    2.  If you do see the wireless icon on the task bar at the bottom of the screen, click on the icon. Under Network Settings,  select your home network.  Depending on your network setup, you will have to enter a passcode.  For more information, please refer to Wireless Network Connection. 

    Q: I am unable to connect the school devices to my new or upgraded modem/router from Comcast.  What should I do?
    Please make sure that your new or upgraded modem/router is configured to support both 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz. Call Comcast to ensure that the WiFi channels for 2.4/5Ghz are enabled. Please refer to WiFi Channels.  

    If your WiFi channels for 2.4/5 Ghz are enabled and you still are unable to connect to your home network, we will install an external USB wireless adapter for you.  Please submit a request for an adapter by completing the Tech Request form.

    Q: How do get my router/modem to receive the best wireless signal and speed?

    • Place your modem/router in a central location to have a strong signal.  The device needs to be placed within 6 feet within the modem/router to get the best signal.
    • The modem router needs to be located as high as possible to maximize coverage (ie. mount it high, set on a table, not on the floor)
    • To avoid interference, ensure that your modem/router is located away from large metal objects and other electronics (i.e. microwave)
    • If your router/modem has antennas, position them to point in different directions in order to cover a wide range of angles
    • More information, visit Location for Router/Modem

      Login and Access

    Q: How do I log into my student device?
    If you have a windows device, please use the following: 
    User Name : student   
    Password: (There is no password)

    If you have a Chromebook, enter your G Suite account.  It will be provided to you during your pick-up or through your teacher.

    Q. How can I tell the difference between a windows device and a chromebook?
    The chromebook will have a Chrome iconchrome icon on the lower right hand corner of the front lid. The windows device weighs much lighter and does not have a Chrome icon.

    Q. How do I log into my G Suite account?
    If the Gmail webpage does not launch automatically upon login to your laptop, open up the Chrome browser and type this link below: 

    Next, you will enter your G Suite username and password listed in your login sheet provided to you during your device pick-up.  If you do not have this information, your teacher will provide the login information to you.  This gives you access to Gmail, Google Classroom and other apps. 

    Q. How do I access Google Classroom (Grades 3-6)?
    There are two ways to access Google Classroom.  Upon login to your gmail, you can click on the nine dots (app launcher) on the upper right hand corner, and then select Classroom app.  You may also go directly to classroom.google.com

    You will receive class code(s) from your teacher(s) which will allow you to join their class(es).  To learn more about Google Classroom, please visit Google Resources and Videos. 

    Q. How do I access Seesaw for School (PreK -2)?
    Open the Chrome browser.  You will see the Seesaw shortcut added to your list of bookmarks.  If it is not listed, please type in https://app.seesaw.me/#/login.  

    seesaw login

    Next select "I am a Student".  Your teacher(s) will share their 16-digit Home Learning Code(s) with you so you may join their class(es).  You will need to enter this code into the text code field to join.  To learn more about Seesaw for Schools, please visit Seesaw for School Resources and Videos 

    Q. I am still experiencing issues entering the 16-digit Home Learning Code to join the class.
    Copy and paste the 16-digit Home Learning code into the text code field.  If it directs you to another class, go to the browser settings, delete your history, close the browser window and re-open a new browser window.

    School Device vs. Personal Device
    Q. Can I bring a personal home device to school?
    Personal devices are to be used at home.  In order to participate in digital learning at school, you will need to bring your fully charged school loaned device.  If you need to sign out a school device, please fill out the form(s) below. 

    Jackson School https://forms.gle/x4cWRQFrgkKcEoDU7

    Wood School https://forms.gle/LYcNnJVEWYPJYN8V6

    Upon completion of the form(s), you will receive an email confirmation along with pickup details.  School loan devices are provided for school related purposes. In addition to receiving a device, you will also receive a power cord and a computer mouse. 

    Q. How do I take care of my school device during the school break?

    1. Please shut down your school device. There are two ways to shut down your school device. At the login screen, you may click on the power button located on the bottom right corner. If you are on the desktop screen, click on window icon located in the lower left corner, then, click on the power icon to shut down.

    2. To ensure that your school device is shut down completely, the power light needs to be off.

    3. Once the power light is off, you may close the lid 

    4. Please keep your school device fully charged at all times.

    Q. What do I use to clean the technology equipment?
    You may use disinfectant wipes for the device cover and keyboard. For the screen, please use a damp or slightly moist disinfectant. 

    Technology Support
    Q. How do I get technical assistance for my school loaned device?
    Please fill out a tech support request Tech Support Form  if you are experiencing issues with your school loaned student device(s). You will receive a response within 2 business days from the date of your request. If repair is deemed necessary, you will receive an email notification regarding pickup details for a replacement of your school loaned student device. 

    Note: Unfortunately, we are unable to provide technical support for any student's personal home device.